Generali Malaysia Volare Scholarship Programme

About Generali Malaysia Volare Scholarship Programme

Generali Malaysia Volare Scholarship Programme is designed to empower well-rounded and deserving students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their undergraduate studies in any local and private universities in Malaysia.

The programme exemplifies our continued commitment as a responsible employer to support the country’s human capital development through education, nurture young talents and create a sustainable legacy for the insurance industry. It also aligns with our purpose of becoming a Lifetime Partner to build a safer and more sustainable future by caring for lives and dreams.

The Essence of Volare

"Volare" is an Italian word that translates to “FLY" - an acronym for "Future Leaders and Youth."

Through this scholarship programme, we aim to identify and cultivate the next generation of leaders who possess the skills and determination to tackle tomorrow's challenges with confidence and purpose.

Together, let’s soar towards success!

Perks & Benefits

our APIs in just a few easy steps.

Selection Process

Scholars who meet the eligibility criteria will undergo a rigorous selection process and assessment.

Step 1 - Online Application or Nomination by University/College

University and college personnel will recommend the most promising candidates who meet the eligibility criteria, or interested students can apply online.

Step 2 - Selection Process

All nominees will undergo the following selection process:

  • Virtual Curriculum (VCV)
  • Assessment center alongside other selected candidates
  • Case study and group presentation
  • Final evaluation by the Management Committee
Step 3 - Scholarship Award

Successful candidates will be invited to attend a special award ceremony.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to Malaysian citizens, of any age.
  • Specifically for those pursuing their first degree, with priority given to students in their second year.
  • Minimum requirement of a 3.50 CGPA or a First Class Honours (or equivalent).
  • Available for students continuing their studies at local and/or private universities in Malaysia.
  • Eligible fields of study include Actuarial Science, IT, Accounting, Insurance, Law, and any other field related to the insurance industry or future-proof skills.
  • Active participation in extra co-curricular activities such as clubs, societies, or community service projects.

**Please note that the provided eligibility criteria are subject to change and should be verified with Generali Malaysia.


Download the programme booklet for more information.