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Private Car Insurance & Available Add Ons

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Motor & home

Private Car Insurance & Available Add Ons

Safeguard your car with Generali’s Private Car Comprehensive insurance. You can also select add-on options and benefits for enhanced protection on the road.

To know more about the benefit of our Generali Roadside Assistance, call 1800 22 2262.

Submit your claim online for easier and faster claim processing and payment.

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The benefit(s) payable under eligible product is protected by PIDM up to limits. Please refer to PIDM’s TIPS Brochure or contact Generali Insurance Malaysia Berhad or PIDM (visit

24-hour Nationwide Emergency Towing* and Roadside Repair

(up to RM300 per incident)

24-hour Customer Service Hotline

1800 22 2262

Repair Warranty

Enjoy a 6 month warranty from our panel repairers.

24-hour Nationwide Emergency Towing* and Roadside Repair

(up to RM300 per incident)

24-hour Customer Service Hotline

1800 22 2262

Repair Warranty

Enjoy a 6 month warranty from our panel repairers.

24-hour Nationwide Emergency Towing* and Roadside Repair

(up to RM300 per incident)

24-hour Customer Service Hotline

1800 22 2262

Pay As You Drive (PAYD)

Automatic mileage recording to enable “Pay per Mile” insurance & Auto Top Up to ensure continuous comprehensivecoverage.

All Drivers Extension

Comprehensive private car insurance coverage extended to anyone who drives your car.

Key Care Protection

Covers the loss or damage to your car key due to actual/attempted theft, robbery or house break-in. We will reimburse the actual repairing replacement cost up to RM1,000.

Flood Relief Allowance

Up to RM1,000 in the event of damage to your car due to flood.

Car Replacement Allowance

Get daily allowance for own damage claims at approved Generali repairer.

Excludes windscreen, total loss or Knock for Knock(KFK) claims.

Additional Cash Payout

Get a payout of 20% of Sum insured or up to plan limit stated for total loss or theft of your vehicle. Pays on top of the claim amount from your car insurance.

Window Snatch Theft

Pays RM 500 in event of personal belongings stolen from “smash & grab” incident whilst driving.

ATM Withdrawal Protection

We reimburse the loss of cash up to RM 1,000 due to robbery or snatch theft within 24 hours from time of withdrawal from ATM.

Risk Based Pricing

Enjoy potentially lower premium (detariffed rates) if you have a safer risk profile.

More Add-ons and Benefits

Enhance your protection with add-on covers such as windscreen, flood & natural disasters, waiver of betterment and more.

Fast Claims Approval

**For Claims below RM10,000.00
Terms & Conditions apply

Simple enrollment

One-time upfront insurance premium for up to 5 years coverage.

Protect against depreciation

In the event of a total loss of your vehicle following damage, fire or theft, GAP-RTIV covers the difference between the claim payout you get from your comprehensive motor insurance policy and the insured value of your vehicle at the time of purchase of GAP-RTIV policy.

Get a new replacement vehicle

GAP-RTIV pays the difference between the comprehensive motor insurance payout and the insured value of your vehicle at the time of purchase of GAP-RTIV policy.

Comprehensive cover for building & home contents

Flexible plans to cover either your building, home contents or both, according to your needs.

No Average Clause

No penalty for under insurance.

Up to 50% of total sum insured for jewellery

Option to cover your jewellery for up to 50% of total sum insured.

No Claim Discount

Get no claim discount upon renewal if you did not make any claim on your policy.

Roadside Assistance with Towing

24 hour Roadside Assistance with towing option when you add on the Motorcycle Personal Accident cover.


These are the recommended Add Ons to enhance your motor coverage

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How does GAP-RTIV work?

It covers financial shortfall between the amount received from Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policyin the event of total loss or theft and the insured value when the policy was first purchased

Who is entitled to GAP-RTIV?

Only new registration or registered passenger vehicle purchaser with Hire Purchase loan.

Is flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, volcanic, eruption, earthquake, landslide, landslip or other convulsion of nature covered by GAP-RTIV?

Yes, provided Comprehensive Motor Insurance is extended to cover these extra benefits.

Is GAP-RTIV transferable?

GAP-RTIV is NOT transferable.

Is GAP-RTIV renewable?

If the customer has Third Party Motor Insurance, in the event of theft or total loss, will GAP-RTIV pays?

GAP-RTIV is NOT renewable.

NO payout because without a Comprehensive Motor Insurance coverage the GAP-RTIV is treated as void.

Am I eligible for SmartDrive Safe?

All comprehensive private car policyholders are eligible.

What is Bravo Tag?

Bravo Tag is a wire-free and self-powered device that provides assistance in case of vehicle breakdown or emergency. It automatically connects with SmartDrive Safe mobile app via Bluetooth for Automatic Driver Recognition.

Do I get charged for Bravo Tag device?

We provide one complimentary device for each of your insured car. First time delivery of the device will be shipped free of charge too. If device is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of RM90 applies.

Is there a device warranty?

Bravo Tag has 1 year warranty and it covers manufacturing defects. If the device is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of RM90 applies.

Is there a deadline for the activation of my Bravo Tag?

To enjoy the full benefits of SmartDrive Safe, you are recommended to complete the fitment and activate in 30 days upon receiving the device. You will also receive complimentary Safe Driving Points as soon as Bravo Tag has been paired and activated to compensate the time taken for device delivery.

How do I know if my phone has successfully connected to the Bravo Tag?

Bravo Tag connects to the app automatically. You will be notified each time via a push notification and beeping sound.

Is there a notification if I forgot to pair the app with the Bravo Tag?

Yes, you will be notified via a push notification incase you started driving with the Bluetooth being switched off.

If I cancel my policy, do I need to return my Bravo Tag device?

No, you are not required to return the device if you cancel or choose not to renew with us.

Do I have to turn on Bravo Safe app everytime I drive?

No, as long as your mobile phone and Bluetooth are turned on, the app automatically connect with Bravo Tag and run in the background.

Do I need to turn on location services at all times?

Yes, SmartDrive Safe app needs to access your location to detect and record your trip accurately when paired with Bravo Tag. Location is used to locate your actual car location whenever you press the SOS button on Bravo Tag to provide you with emergency assistance. In the event of a severe accident, it is automatically triggered to our call centre via your mobile phone.

Will Bravo Safe app drain my phone battery? How much data is consumed?

The app is designed to efficiently minimise battery consumption and uses very minimal data. It will only record trips once connected to your Bravo Tag.

How do I earn Safe Driving Points?

With Bravo Tag device activated and paired to your mobile phone, you can earn Smart Driving Points for each of your completed trip. SmartDrive Safe app uses location, speed and motion to record your trips and determine score for your Safe Driving Points. The score is based on how safe you drive, how you handle corners, braking and speeding and how frequent you use your phone while driving.

What can I do with the earned Safe Driving Points?

The points can be used to redeem e-voucher(s) from any of the merchants listed in SmartDrive Safe app at anytime as long as the points are still valid. Current merchants include TouchnGo and Petronas.

What types of information does the Bravo Tag capture and what will the company do with my data?

When connected to SmartDrive Safe mobile app, your location, speed and motion are captured, in particularly, how safely you drive, how you take your corners, brake, speed and how frequently you use your phone while driving.

These data will solely be used for the purpose of recording trips and determining your score for Safe Driving Points.

For more information, kindly refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet below.

Download policy documents here

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