SME Loss Prevention Framework

A tool to leverage the power of data, awareness and understanding to mitigate risks, minimize losses and promote the sustainability of SMEs.


SMEs are the bedrock of the global economy, yet despite their contribution to socio-economic growth and development, they remain highly vulnerable to a variety of climate and weather-related risks. In the face of these risks, Generali and UNDP’s Insurance and Risk Finance Facility have partnered to develop a loss prevention framework for SMEs by leveraging the power of data, awareness and understanding for businesses in Malaysia.Through this partnership, Generali, and UNDP aspire to contribute towards the InsuResilience Vision 2025. This vision includes reaching 500 million vulnerable people, providing coverage against climate and disaster shocks, extending coverage to 150 million vulnerable people through microinsurance solutions, and placing insurance innovation at the heart of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.


In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Under this multiyear partnership, Generali and the Insurance and Risk Finance Facility (IRFF) led by UNDP are blending Generali’s insurance expertise with UNDP’s long-term focus on financing and development to increase the socioeconomic wellbeing of some of the world’s most vulnerable people and places. Learn more about the partnership.

UNDP does not endorse any entity, brand, product or services.

About the SME Loss Prevention Framework

SME loss prevention framework is an online platform that offers guidance for businesses to protect their operations in the face of climate challenges, particularly in an event of a flood and a valuable flood report from the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the framework helps SMEs understand their risk profiles based on their activities and locations. It also provides recommendations to SMEs based on these risk profiles. Through an extensive data collection and valuable Flood Report from Department of Statistic Malaysia, the framework conducts risks profiling based on SME activities and location. It also provides recommendations to SME entities based on their risk profile. The SME Loss Prevention Framework aims to:

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    Create awareness among SMEs on the importance of risk management for their businesses.

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    Build the financial resilience of SMEs through specific action plans and operating measures to reduce risk exposure.

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    Mitigate risks, minimize losses and promote sustainability of SMEs.

Check your flood risk

SMEs can assess their exposure to flood risk by indicating their activity and location in Malaysia.

Are you an SME and do you want to know more about your risk exposure to floods? Choose your activity and location data below and you’ll discover how can you protect your business and be more resilient to climate risks.



Note: State and area are based on report by Department of Statistic Malaysia (DOSM). Malaysia Flood Statistic 2021 & 2022.

What's Next

The SME Loss Prevention Framework is now live!

Stay tuned for future releases and to explore the evolution of the Framework in the months ahead.